The Colours Of Nature Indian Travel Guide

5 Most Joyful Festivals Celebrated In India


What is the best time to visit India? What is the best time to see the best colours of the Indian society? If you want to experience the strength of social fabric of a society then join the celebrations of that society. The different forms of diversity in India endow the Indian society with a lot of celebrations and festivals. So, we are writing a Indian travel guide for you with Indian festivals in mind. Here are the top 5 Indian festivals reflecting the unity in diversity of this South Asian peninsula. Visit India during any of these festivals.



According to the history, it is a Hindu festival. But it is not. You will find small earthen lamps on walls and roofs of all homes. Religion never matters when this festival of lights and happiness arrives. You will find people exchanging sweets and kids buying and bursting firecrackers. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor. This festival holds special religious significance among Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities.



According to the history, the festival of Holi is also a Hindu festival. However, the entire nation celebrates this festival of colours. This festival symbolizes the victory of truth over evil. People put their grudges aside and refresh healthy relationships. You will hear people saying “Bura Na Mano Holi He” (don’t mind it’s Holi). People rub Gulal (powder colour) on each other’s face. This is an energetic and lively festival.



Nature Pooja

This is a Hindu festival that is a nine-day celebration. According to the Hindu mythology, there are nine forms of the Goddess of Shakti (Power). All the nine forms are worshipped during these nine days. This festival also symbolizes the victory of truth over evil. When you are in India during these nine days, don’t miss the traditional dance forms Dandiya and Garba.



India is an agriculture nation. Farmers celebrate Baisakhi as a harvest festival. This festival also marks the beginning of the Sikh New Year. So, this festival is of great significance for millions of Indian farmers and millions of Sikhs.The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. When you are in India on April 13, don’t miss the traditional Bhangra and Gidha dances.

Ramadan / Eid-ul-fitr


This festival marks the end of Ramzan, the holy Islamic month. The entire Muslim community gathers together in mosques for special early morning Eid prayers. This Islamic festival celebrated by the entire nation with joy and love.

These are the top 5 festivals celebrated in India. However, there are several other major festivals that are equally joyful. Hope you will find this Indian travel guide pretty helpful.


Top 5 Places Where You Will Find True Colours of Nature

We, humans, have constructed many wonderful structures in different parts of the world. A great number of iconic structures are erected in different periods of time. Some of these wonders failed to stand the test of time. Some of these wonders are still standing tall like the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and many more.

However, we human cannot beat the structures and Colours of Nature. You can find these colours of nature everywhere. However, there are some places that are etched in the memory for the lifetime. The vividness of these memories is more than other memories. If you want to see the fabulous colours of nature, we have got some beautiful suggestions for you.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Pink Lake, Australia


This is 600 m long lake in the island continent. It looks like a solid pink bubble gum from the sky. Lake Retba is also pink but Lake Hillier is more popular as the pink colour of the lake is not decisively proved. Some experts suggest that the pink colour is due to the high salt content. Apart from the salt content, algae and halo bacteria are responsible for the pink colour of the lake.

Marble Caves, Chile

Marble Caves, Chile

These marble caves are another example of incredibly beautiful colours of nature. The colour of these beautiful caves depends on the colour of the water. The sunlight is reflected by the gentle rock walls of the marble caves. Waves have been smoothing out the walls of these marble caves for thousands of years. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to see these caves.

Crystal caves, Iceland  

crystal cave

It’s a huge travel destination that gives a different kind of vacation memories. Glaciers always shift. So, these ice tunnels change constantly. Therefore, always visit these beautiful crystal caves with an experienced guide.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most diverse ecosystems on our planet. The Great Barrier Reef also protects the coastline from possible damages due to waves and storms. This is a natural wonder stretching around 1,400 miles. This is the only living organism you can see from the outer space.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

This is a salt and soda lake known for its unusual bright red colour. Natron is the only breeding place for endangered flamingoes. The red colour is due to the activity of micro-organisms.

There are a lot more colours of nature you can see in every continent.

Exotic Travel Guide – How to Choose Travel Destination?

Everyone loves traveling. There are a lot of exotic travel destinations all over the world that attract millions. There are exotic honeymoon destinationsthere are exotic travel destinations for singles, men, women and college students. People of all generations have many options to go and explore. A lot of travelers make use of travel agencies for choosing a travel destination, buying tickets and even planning vacation. Some vacationers plan their vacations on their own. And, some don’t even plan.

It does not matter whether your vacation is planned or unplanned; the vacation has to be easy and exciting. For this, you have to choose the destination carefully. Here, we present you a simple guide for choosing exotic travel destinations for a vacation which is a much-needed break from boring life.

Choosing a Travel Destination

People have different interests and so are their travel destinations. Some are interested in exotic culture. They love to see monuments, museums and daily life of people. Some people want to feel closer to the nature. They love mountains and jungles. Some people find cities more exotic. Here are the places you should visit:


Yes, Europe. Paris, Prague, Venice, Rome, Florence, Istanbul and there are many other places in the continent where you can see museums. When you are in Italy, visit Venice. When you are in Paris, visit Louvre. France and Italy are wonderful exotic travel destinations.

Exotic Cultures

If you are interested in exotic cultures than book your tickets for India or Southeast Asia. Apart from this, Central American and African Mediterranean are also the top destinations.


US West Coast, Himalayas, Italian Appennine Mountains, the gentle hills of Tuscany, cruise through Halong Bay in the South China Sea and many national parks in the other parts of the world are waiting for you.


The TajMahal, the pyramid of Giza and Angkor are some of the highlights. There are many other destinations all over the world known for monuments. You can get a lot of traveling ideas from the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Beach is the best place for spending a few days in the winter. Hawaii, Halong Bay, Krabi and Key West offer you wonderful opportunities for snorkeling and swimming.Halong Beach


We have old cities.We have chaotic and alive modern cities. It all depends on your lifestyle. New York, Bangkok, Rome and there are many other Megacities best known for nightlife. However, some people will find these cities noisy. They should visit towns in the countryside.

Five Tips for Beginner Travel Photographers

You, like anyone else compare your work with other’s work to find out where you stand. You might or might not be one of those who undervalue their own work after getting done with the comparison. Your photographs might not be that nice to be in a photo album. But these are not terrible. Alright, your travel pictures are a little cluttered or overexposed. There is still a room for improvement.

Travel photography is all about capturing beautiful scenarios & memorable sights.

Whatever you find beautiful during your visits to new places, go behind the lens and capture it. These photos are the reminders of the beauties you encountered during those exotic trips. These photos encapsulate your new experience for good. If you think that you can make your travel photograph more stunning and remarkable then you can fill that room for improvement with these 5 tips:

Buy the Right Camera  

You need a trusty camera to count on while capturing exotic photographs. You are expected to find it hard to choose the right camera if you are beginner travel photographer. Stay up-to-date with the latest camera models. Compare specifications and features of all camera models you can afford. The camera of your Smartphone is not the camera that can address your needs. You should pick from one of the four kinds of travel cameras including DSLR, MirrorLess, point and shoot or action camera.

Know Your Gear

After having the camera you need, get used to with it. Auto mode is not always fine. It puts a ceiling on your creativity. It also prevents you from capturing dynamic and diverse photographs. Therefore, learn the manual mode. Understand ISO, aperture and shutter speed if you have DSLR or MirrorLess camera. Learn to adjust exposure tools.

Choose the Right Accessories

You cannot take great travel photos without the right accessories even when you have an expensive camera. If you want to take stunning photographs then buy the right gear and accessories for your camera. These accessories will help you in taking stunning photos at any location and in any situation. Following are the accessories every travel photographers must have:

  • A sturdy and waterproof camera bag
  • Lenses like prime, wide-angle, zoom lens or telephoto
  • A tripod
  • Selfie stick
  • Three or four SD cards
  • Extra batteries

Use natural lighting

It is not possible to take clear and amazing photos without proper lighting. Soft and indirect natural lighting is perfect for taking cool photos of any subject.  You spend most of your time outside when you are on a vacation. There is enough natural lighting for capturing photos. Dawn is the best time for shooting. However, natural lighting is not always photographer friendly. Extreme lighting of a hot and sunny day can overexpose your photos.

Compose Your Shots Properly

Pay attention to every detail while composing your shots. There is a focal point in every scene you want to capture. Identify that focal point before clicking the shutter button. Frame that point of interest in the frame properly. This improves the prominence and interest of the photo.

Use the intersecting grids feature of the camera. In case this feature is not available on your camera then you have to count on your imagination for this.

If you are a travel writer then you also need to keep in the content you are going to write.

How To Become A Travel Blogger

Want to be a professional travel blogger?

You might have read somewhere that if travelling is your first love then it is guaranteed that you will be a successful travel blogger. However, not every traveler can pen down his travelling experience in an engaging manner. Your blog should engage, entertain and educate the reader. However, you have to be a traveler to be a travel blogger. Almost all individuals living in this jungle of concrete want a break from the same boring sedentary life.

coloursofnature Travelling

Vacation is the break that they need to relieve stress. That’s why it is one of the fastest growing industries. And, this industry offers a rewarding space to travel bloggers. However, it is not easy to be a travel blogger. Therefore, we present you following useful tips for starting your travel blog.

Get Acquainted With Industry

It starts with understanding the industry. Get acquainted with some of the popular travel bloggers. Read their content. Comment on their blogs. Join travel bloggers associations and communities. The travel community offers help, valuable advice and some new ideas to write.

Find Your Niche

That time is gone when travel writers used to write general posts. They just used to pick destination and start writing about that destination. However, this travel blogging space of is crowded now. So, you need to find a niche. Focus on a particular topic. Write about a specific location.

Understand Your Audience

It is important to know your audience. This enables you to reach the right audience. This will also help in designing blog according to the taste of your audience. You will be able to write quality content for your audience.

Build Your Travel Blog

When there are many travel bloggers out there on the web. You need to stand out to catch the attention of readers. Choose an attractive name for your blog. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. You can use one of the free WordPress themes for your blog. There are many free plugins available to extend the functionality of your blog. You can set up tools like Google Analytics and SEO plugins to optimize your writings.

Be Passionate

Travel blogging is more than just a career. Traveling should be a part of your lifestyle. So should be writing. Traveling and writing should be your passion.

Make Money

You are less likely to make a decent amount of money in the beginning. See it as a part-time job in the beginning. Once you start getting good traffic and a decent income, you can be a full-time blogger. You can get advertisement through Google AdWords, you can sell eBooks and you can sponsor blog posts.

Use Social Media

Social media can give a strong presence to your blog. Apart from promoting your content, you can use social media to engage with your audience and show yourself as an authority in this industry. Someone who needs a travel article for his business can contact you.

Have Patience

It takes time and hard work to achieve success in travel blogging. This is the reason some bloggers undervalue their work. You will succeed but it will take time.

Set Achievable Goals

Set and achieve small goals. You can set a goal to achieve traffic to your blog. You can set a goal to achieve social media following.

Write High-Quality Content

It’s true that content is king. Google will not rank content with spelling or grammar mistakes. Don’t give misleading information to your readers. You will lose their trust and respect. Be honest with your readers while writing.